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Postage - API for write posts in simple text files

Postage is a simple API which load your text files and handle the contents in Markdown syntax.

It’s useful for blogwares, or anything else, that uses flat files organized in directories instead databases.

Use your post text file in following hierarchy and format:


Real example of use:

    `-- hallison
        `-- blog
            `-- posts
                |-- 20090604-posting_blog_articles_using_postage.ruby.postage.mkd
                |-- 20090529-postview_blogging_posts_with_sinatra_and_postage.ruby.sinatra.postage.mkd
                |-- archive
                `-- drafts

It’s possible uses Markdown Extra syntax because Postage use Maruku for converting files.

About Markdown lightweight markup language, please, visit <> and Markdown Extra, visit <>.


Please, Postage has dependencies and most be installed.

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